Tony Conrad & M.V. Carbon
3. december kl. 20 - PLEX, Kronprinsensgade 7
entré 80,-

Med stor stolthed præsenteres Tony Conrad som i 1960erne sammen med La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela og John Cale åbnede helt op og droppede komponisten og fandt dronen i en meget konsekvent overtoneminimalisme.
MV Carbon er et perfekt match.

If Tony Conrad's powerful sound has its roots in "minimalism", M.V. Carbon's music introduces a more contemporary but equally aggressive practice. Meeting as they do with violin and cello above a unifying drone, Conrad and Carbon explode the space we normally think of in connection with string quartets, waltz music, and country fiddlin'. Chaotic parameters are bent and rigorously sculpted using techniques that have been revealed through enduring experimentation. Their tangles of sounds incite a tumbling clash of traditions. The interplay of their approaches reflects the split personality of today's listeners, who want to discover the thrill of music in a rich sonic imbroglio.

M.V. Carbon i denne video med Metalux:

Arr. Subotnick, Club Kontakte , Skræp

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