history & background

SKRÆP - experimental musicforum - is an association of composers, musicians and performers, who organizes concerts with experimental music, avantgarde, performances, multimedia and improvised music.

Numbers of concerts pr. year: approx. 10.
stylistic references: Roger Turner (GB), Evan Parker (GB), Claus van Bebber (D), John Butcher (GB), Sven Åke Johansson (D), Hugh Metcalfe (GB), Pat Thomas (GB), Voice Crack (CH), Tim Hodgkinson (GB), Radu Malfatti (A), Machine for Making Sense (Austr), Jeffrey Morgan (USA), Rhys Chatham (USA), David Thomas (GB).

Actual Premises: Den Anden Opera, Kronprinsensgade 7, DK-1114 Copenhagen K., Teater Styhr & Kjær ("Huset" in Magstræde), The Round Tower and occasionally at other places.

Compilation CD's:
"SKRÆP 93" (TOCD 6001)
feat. Klapper/Biskup, Winther, Olsson, Irgens-Møller, Teller, Gorm and Magieres.

"SKRÆP 2" (TOCD 6004)
feat. Teller, P.O.Jørgens, Klapper/Biskup/Burns/Butcher, Irgens-Møller, Magieres/Katz, Gorm, Olsson, J. Brandt-P., Winther, Jacobsson and Marmorstein.

Per Buhl Acs, Jørgen Teller, Jindich Biskup, Martin Klapper, Johannes Bergmark, Jakob Brandt-Pedersen, Søren Gorm, Christer Irgens-Møller, Ewa Jacobsson, P.O. Jørgens, Olga Magieres, Vagn Olsson, G-Pal, Niels Winther

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